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Individuelle mobilität im alter mit einem artifiziellen, intelligenten exo-skelett – »auto-cyberno-mobil


Individual mobility during old age by means of an artificial and intelligent exo-skeleton – “Auto-Cyberno-Mobil”.

During the metamorphosis of our ongoing life the old people experience the changes in their bodily abilities, as well as in their personal wishes. The latter also comprise the critical incorporation of memories and experiences. On the other hand they also want a permanent and individual participation in the society, as well as a sensorial participation in the world around them. For achieving these goals the old age person strives to remain individually mobile as long as possible.

With respect to the preservation of the individual mobility, even during the old age, the present automobiles have to be technically changed and to be developed into a new type of a car, for instance into the “Auto-Cyberno-Mobil”.

For achieving this goal the present steering mechanism of the car has to be handed over from the human passenger to a cybernetic, electronic steering unit on board of this new vehicle. This cybernetic steering unit settles the continuous and regular adaptation to the ongoing traffic heading for the chosen target. The driver then only selects the road from the starting point to the end point maybe via in between points of interest.
By means of language communication the old age driver communicates with his car. He is informing his car by which way he wants to go (possibly through which roads) to which end point. By means of modern data-processing on board of the car this instruction is processed by consulting a modern satellite based navigation system.

At the same time the concept of the new “Auto-Cyberno-Mobil” is including modern medical technical elements into the car for maintaining the best condition of health of the driver. His health condition is regularly monitored and can as well be reported to an external health station.

For reasons of an adapted medical support the entrance into the car must be modified for well assisting the climbing on board of an old person. This system has to take into account the bodily weakness including the motor weakness, the different weaknesses of the skeleton (for instance osteoporosis, Morbus Bechterew etc.), a possible specific psychological weakness etc.. Further more sensorial weaknesses, as well as cardio-vascular weaknesses or metabolic weaknesses have to be considered and regularly watched. The car has to make allowances for the specific conditions of the old age persons.

Through out the whole driving way a combined monitoring with recording of the road, as well as of the health condition of the driver is monitored and recorded via a satellite communication into a related health centre – if the driver approves to it.

When regarding the demographic process of rapid aging of our population, a special kind of support of the individual mobility during the old age has seriously to be taken into consideration for our future social research and development. By means of a specific mobility concept for the aging population we are preventing early loneliness, hospitalization and isolation. This future development in the field of long lasting individual mobility should leave the old persons much longer independent, separate and set upon their own. By means of the “Auto-Cyberno-Mobil” the zest for life is kept up longer in the older generation.



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