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Neurootological test results in rehabilitation


For this study we have selected tinnitus patients who suffer from tinnitus during their professional life. Therefore this group has undergone a therapeutic rehabilitation therapy for tinnitus with a programmed ameliorative improving therapy with guidance, exercise, instructions and special tinnitus rehab-program. As has been proved by vestibular evoked cortical potentials, together with charting by means of brain electrical activity maps (BEAM) vertigo and tinnitus point to similar projection fields at the temporal lobe of the humans. Equilibrium and hearing get many of their basic informations through the 5 vestibular senses and the cochlea in the inner ear. Together we call this the stato-acoustic system.
From the group of our 840 rehabilitation-patients we have selected by the help of trinary coded caloric butterflies and cranio-corpo-grams those candidates, who exhibit a peripheral vestibular disorder. In these cases we then have analysed the audiograms and the audio- metrical masking points of the tinnitus cases.
Rehabilitation medicine is important nowadays especially for industrial workers for maintaining their working capacity. This does not only describe diseases, which have physically damaged the human, like for instance trauma or infection to the liver and the bowl etc. But it also comprises any working limited disturbance of the human health. Amongst these are nowadays also the noises to the ear, being called tinnitus, the imbalance being called vertigo and the instability being called dystaxia. For this paper we have selected from a major group of 793 patients those, who show significant functional changes in their central equilibrium regulating capacity, as well as are subjectively suffering from tinnitus.



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