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Neurootological test results in rehabilitation

For this study we have selected tinnitus patients who suffer from tinnitus during their professional life. Therefore this group has undergone a therapeutic rehabilitation therapy for tinnitus with a programmed ameliorative improving therapy with guidance, exercise, instructions and special tinnitus rehab-program. As has been proved by vestibular evoked cortical potentials, together with charting by means […]

Vestibular rehabilitation in whiplash injuries

Whiplash injury can be defined as a non-contact rapid acceleration-deceleration head-neck trauma during which the kinematics of the cervical spine are completely disrupted. Because of the impact a sudden violent head retro-flexion is followed by an as much as violent head antero-flexion. The therapy influenced Tonic muscles by increasing labyrinthine percentage and induced a reduction […]

Paroxysmal positional vertigo and rehabilitation

Paroxysmal positional vertigo is one of the most frequent vestibular affections. Despite the success of the rehabilitative therapy PPV is often recurrent suggesting that we are not really able to interact with the etiology and even with all the possible pathogenetic mechanisms. In this work we present an interpretative model according to the cybernetic theory […]

Virtual reality and vestibular rehabilitation. six years of experience.

To test the application of virtual reality (VR) on our patients we used a particular “helmet” connected to a personal computer. The rehabilitation training is divided in two phases: “passive” and “active”. RV 752 patients, 259 males and 393 females, had been submitted to the vestibular rehabilitation with VR. The patients were affected with: Paroxysmal […]

The role of vestibular rehabilitation in treatment of postototoxic labyrinthine pathology

Vestibular rehabilitation is a treatment method useful in some specific pacients with vestibular disorders who still complaint of dizziness or disequilibrium after at least 3 month of medical or surgical correct treatment. Vestibular rehabilitation consists of custom-designed daily physical exercises and specific trening exercises three times a week on a special computerized equipment, under ENT […]

Indagine posturografica su un campione de atleti

L’ equilibrio attua un coordinamento costante tra input visivi, labirintici, somatosensoriali ed uditivi, al fine di ottenere un controllo ottimale della posizione degli occhi e del corpo nello spazio. Le finalità dell’ equilibrio sono il controllo muscolare in statica e dinamica, la stabilizzazione della funzione visiva, la percezione dei movimenti e l’ organizzazione della sensibilità […]

Endolymphatic hydrops patients with benign paroxysmal positioning vertigo

Objective: Amongst the reasons causing the inner ear pathology being accompanied by fits of giddiness, the most frequently occurring are the endolymphatic hydrops & benign paroxysmal positioning vertigo (BPPV). In the whole number of scientific articles there may be found the mentioning of patients with the combination of BPPV & Menier’s Disease. The reasons & […]

A new proposal for rehabilitation of equilibrium disorders of cervical origin: e.s.a.c. technique

The authors illustrates a new rehabilitation technique worked out to treat equilibrium disorders. This technique, named ESAC (Elasticizzazione, Scollamento, Allenamento, Calore = Elasticization-Detachment-Training-Heat), is based on the recovery of soft tissue elasticity through repeated active movement, detachment and exogenous heat. In this paper the author reports the results attained in the course of the years […]

About balance on platform: mathematical modeling for clinical evaluation

This paper describes, from a technologic and mathematical point of view, a systematic method for daily patient’s equilibrium evaluation during the clinical work.

Treating cervical disorders according to mackenzie method in vertigo

One of the most important role of the vestibular system is to stabilize the head during the movement. This is necessary to stabilize the perceived visual images. Head is de-stabilized in every normal human situation, except to lying. Head is de-stabilized while sitting, standing, walking, jumping, eating In optimal conditions, the posture of the head […]



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