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Prof. Dr. Claus F. Claussen, Neurootological Research Institute of the Research Society for Smell, Taste, Hearing and Equilibrium Disorders at Bad Kissingen (4-G-F). Bad Kissingen, Germany.
Dr. med. Julia M. Bergmann,
Dr. med. Guillermo O. Bertora,
Otoneuroophthalmological Neurophysiology,
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Dr. med. Julia M. Bergmann,
Dr. med. Guillermo O. Bertora,
Otoneuroophthalmological Neurophysiology,
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Dr. med. D. Silva

4 publications on the archives

Quality of life evaluation of elderly patients with dizziness

Objective: to evaluate the quality of life (QOL) of elderly patients with dizziness and to compare the QOL of elderly patients who presented falls in the last twelve months with those who didn’t. Methods: exploratory study including fifty elderly patients suffering from dizziness and a hypothesis of vestibular syndrome. These patients were submitted to the […]

Stabilometry in patients with ménière’s disease

Objective: to analyze the oscillatory velocity of the pressure center (COP) of the body in different sensorial contexts in patients with Ménière’s Disease. Methods: 15 subjects, 02 males and 13 females, aged 28-71 years, who presented defined diagnostic of Ménière’s Disease were submitted to evaluation of the modified clinical test of sensorial integration (mCTSIB) by […]

Posture in patients with peripheral vestibular syndrome: exploratory study

Objectives: To evaluate corporal posture in patients with peripheral vestibular dysfunction, out of crisis. To verify the presence of pain in the muscular system, in cephalic and cervical segments and shoulders. Material and Method: Exploratory study using the modified Kendall protocol of posture evaluation. Eighty-two patients (26 men and 56 women) aged 9 to 84 […]

Translation, cross-cultural adaptation to brazilian portuguese and

Objective: to translate, to perform a cross-cultural adaptation and to evaluate the reproducibility and reliability of Dizziness Handicap Inventory (DHI) to Brazilian population. The secondary objectives are to describe the results obtained in the use of the questionnaire and to compare them to vestibular evaluation. Method: The cross-cultural adaptation of the questionnaire to Portuguese spoken […]



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