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Spinal fluid-perilymph relationships in patients with vertigo, tinnitus, pressure and hearing fluctuation

Over the last 28 years the author has been fascinated with both Meniere’s disease and patients with perilymphatic fistula (PLF), two conditions which at times closely resemble each other and at times may be indistinguishable. Both conditions manifest themselves with vertigo, tinnitus, pressure or fullness and hearing fluctuation or loss. All of these entities may […]

Complicaciones intracraneanas de las otitis medias. reporte de un caso

En la actualidad , las complicaciones intracranealas de las afecciones supuradas del oído medio, gracias al correcto tratamiento de las otitis agudas mediante el empleo de antibióticos y la profilaxis y terapeútica adecuada de las otitis crónicas, han disminuído su frecuencia , transformándose en una rareza. Sin embargo es importante tenerlas en cuenta ya que […]

Outcomes from clarion implantation in india

The results of the use of clarion implants in 30 Indian patients have been evaluated. Cases included in the study were prelingual & postlingual patients where the cochlea was normal and prelingual patients where the cochlea had a Mondini defect or was ossified. It was found that multiple speech strategies available with the Clarion implant […]

Geniculate neuralgia: modern management

An uncommon cause of otalgia is geniculate neuralgia. In its most typical form it is characterized by severe paroxysmal neuralgic pain centered directly in the ear. The pain may be of a gradual onset and of a dull, persistent nature, with occasional sharp, stabbing pain. When the pain becomes intractable, an operation to surgically excise […]

How does cochlear implantation affect the contralateral vestibular system?

Cochlear implantation has been performed for 16 years by investigators at Semmelweis University. During this period, different types of cochlear implants have been used and, in 30% of cases, hearing was observed to be restored in the nonimplanted ear.

A new therapeutic procedure for treatment of objective venous pulsatile tinnitus

Pulsatile tinnitus usually means a turbulent flow within the vessels. We describe a 54-year-old man with a disabling objective pulsatile tinnitus due to a diverticulum of the sigmoid sinus toward the ipsilateral mastoid. We performed a surgical intervention via the endovascular route using coils to obliterate the diverticulum and a stent to avoid coil migration. […]



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