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Viral infection and hsp-70 in ménière disease

Meniere’s disease (MD) is an idiopathic inner ear disorder characterized by fluctuating hearing loss, episodic vertigo and tinnitus. Its aetiology is unknown, although there is growing evidence that autoimmunity may be involved in its development. Our preliminary report investigated the co-occurence of heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) and viral and autoimmune antibodies in subjects affected […]

Menière syndrome and vestibular migraine: cortical brain projections

A comparative study of cerebral cortical projections in migraine, in Ménière Syndrome and in Ménière Syndromes with migraine has been carried out. The analysis was made by Brain Electric Tomography – Loreta and the most significant areas have been evaluated by means of Statistical non Parametric Mapping – SnPM. Ménière Syndromes together with migraine are […]

Translation, cross-cultural adaptation to brazilian portuguese and

Objective: to translate, to perform a cross-cultural adaptation and to evaluate the reproducibility and reliability of Dizziness Handicap Inventory (DHI) to Brazilian population. The secondary objectives are to describe the results obtained in the use of the questionnaire and to compare them to vestibular evaluation. Method: The cross-cultural adaptation of the questionnaire to Portuguese spoken […]

Tinnitus neurotopography: pathways and areas studied through brain electric tomography (loreta)

Advances in basic research in neurosciences and the introduction of new non-invasive techniques, that make possible the detection of weak signals of the brain, have revolutionized diagnosis and treatment. The most often used methods for functional imaging of the human brain are positron emission tomography (PET) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). More recently, a […]

Doppler sonography in tinnitus patients

The tinnitus can be functionally measured and localized through sensorymotor and neurosensorial tests. According to our Data Bank, 60% of the patients requiring a consultation show cardiocirculatory background. This figure has moved us to study cerebral vascular processes on those patients consulting only on tinnitus symptom.

Cognitive disorders: diagnosis and treatment

During the last half century, medical developments have expedited an increase of expectation of life, all over the world. This extension of life has made that some pathologies that in former years were considered of low prevalence, nowadays they have become top priority for public health.

Doppler ultrasonography in tinnitus patients

Tinnitus can be functionally measured and localized through sensorimotor and neurosensory tests. According to our Neurofisiología Otooftalmológica data bank, 60% of patients requiring a consultation have a history of cardiocirculatory disorders. This figure has moved us to study cerebrovascular processes in those patients seeking consultation for a tinnitus symptom only. The sudden appearance of the […]

Craneocorpography in the vertigo patients

Many authors have reported different useful studies on the evaluation of the nystagmus which may be spontaneous and induced, any of these authors have been devoted to the study of vestibulo-spinal reflexes.



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