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Otoneuroophthalmological Neurophysiology,
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Dr. med. Julia M. Bergmann,
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Differential diagnosis between bppv and mppv in direction-changing positional

For many years, it has gave description as MPPV (Malignat Paroxysmal Positiona l Vertigo) that direction-changing positional nystagmus is caused by central n erve system disorders Recently it became evident that direction-changing positional nystagmus is cau sed by horizontal canal type of BPPV (HC-BPPV). The clinical signs of HC-BPPV and MPPV are closely resembled. They […]

Paroxysmal positional vertigo revisited: is it benign, pseudo-benign or malignant?

Dix and Hallpike firstly described Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo(BPPV) in 1952. Since then, this disease have been widely recognized among clinicians. There are some charactstic symptoms such as, having critical head position, being pure rotatory nystagmus with the phenomenon of crescendo and decrescendo, having fatigue phenomenon on provocation of the vertiginous attack.. Pathogenesis of the […]

Endolymphatic hydrops patients with benign paroxysmal positioning vertigo

Objective: Amongst the reasons causing the inner ear pathology being accompanied by fits of giddiness, the most frequently occurring are the endolymphatic hydrops & benign paroxysmal positioning vertigo (BPPV). In the whole number of scientific articles there may be found the mentioning of patients with the combination of BPPV & Menier’s Disease. The reasons & […]

Bppv and vasopressine

The possible relationship between inner ear and vasopressin (AVP, ADH) has been hypothesized since twenty years ago About ten years ago, in anaesthetized guinea pigs, we demonstrated that changes in the inner ear pressure modify plasma AVP (pAVP) level and AVP secretion with consequent changes in urine flow rate and osmolality : our experiment was […]

The many faces of bppv: therapeutic results in 464 cases

It has been demonstrated not only in our experimental research as well as in our clinical routine that the association of different strategies is usually highly synergic for positional vertigo relief and control. The summation of the various favourable effects of each kind of therapy seems to lead to an improvement or cure which is […]



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