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Prof. Dr. Claus F. Claussen, Neurootological Research Institute of the Research Society for Smell, Taste, Hearing and Equilibrium Disorders at Bad Kissingen (4-G-F). Bad Kissingen, Germany.
Dr. med. Julia M. Bergmann,
Dr. med. Guillermo O. Bertora,
Otoneuroophthalmological Neurophysiology,
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Dr. med. Julia M. Bergmann,
Dr. med. Guillermo O. Bertora,
Otoneuroophthalmological Neurophysiology,
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Dr. med. J Talar

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Vestibular findings in degenerative cns lesions

33 patients (9 male and 24 female) aged 28-59 (average 43,2) with multiple sclerosis were tested on the base of electro/videonystagmography. The duration of the disease was from half a year to 26 years. The aim of this study was to estimate the frequency of the central and peripheral vestibular disturbances in multiple sclerosis due […]

Somatosensory potentials evaluation in cervical pathology

It seems to be very interesting to compare the results of the vestibular testing and the somatosensory evoked potentials (SEP) in cases with cervical diseases. This multimodal neurophysiological analysis of the patients suffering from cervical spondylosis before and after neurosurgical treatment is the first part of this long-term study.

Musictherapy by J.R. Kohler in tinnitus patients- subjective and objective evaluation

The hearing disturbances including tinnitus as a result of exposure to the sounds were well known and decribed in literaute (1,2,3). But on the other side it was repoted that sounds modificate the tinnitus probably through the auditory cortical plasticity (4,5). For the first time we met Johannes Kohler in Prague, in October, 2000, during […]

Freyss’ stabilometry and posturography- a comparison study

The usefulness of conventional posturography when the changes of muscle tonus of the lower limbs affect position of the center of gravity which movement is measured is well known. The radius of the gravity center deflection such as length of the „way” and velocity of the movement can be calculated and compared during sequences with […]



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