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Dr. med. Junichi Matsushima

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Experiences of treatment of sever type of tinnitus

Sever type of tinnitus is very hard to treat because tinnitus is highly inked to emotional system, the limbic system. To treat it, therefore, all means such as life style intervention, consultation, medication, doctor’s rich successful experience and relaxation should be used. External electrical stimulation may be one of relaxation therapy and tinntius relieved once […]

A tendency for tinnitus relief after treatment of bilateral tinnitus

 External electrical stimulation has been used as a relaxation therapy for tinnitus.  The result of treatment comes soon after treatment.  Therefore, we got some interesting tendencies for tinnitus relief after treatment of bilateral tinnitus.  Results. Head ringing located at the center of the head was shifted to which hearing level was worse. Tinnitus at the […]

Treatment of elderly patients with chronic dizziness

There is an opportunity to treat elderly patients with chronic dizziness for many months and many years by external electrical stimulation. By which tinnitus patients’ balance was reported to improve in International Tinnitus Journal of 1999. In elderly people, if chronic dizziness continues, it may fall into a disuse functional atrophy. So, it is more […]

Is an electrical stimulation an autogenic training?

I proposed similarity of an electrical stimulation to an autogenic training. Two years ago in Melbourne. However, my idea about the similarity was not clear at that time. In Bad Kissingen professor Claussen asked me that any other alternatives for electrical stimulation were there.  My English is so poor that I clearly said noting replace […]

Prediction of vertigo based on the body condition: -Preliminary report

If onset of vertigo could be known before, patients could control the attack. That would be of benefits to those patients. At the NES conference in Bad Kissingen the year before last I showed that vertigo patients with higher heart rate would be sensitive to rapid change in the atmospheric pressure. In order to avoid […]

Relationships between the lower atmospheric pressure and vertigo

It is known that the lower atmospheric pressure is highly related with orthopedic pain. It also seemed there was relationships between the pressure and onset of vertigo. Professor Wada in Japan reported the relationships at the congress as an invited speaker. Our question is what patients’ factors are responsible for the onset. Lower atmospheric pressure […]

Monitoring eeg during electrical stimulation for improvement in tinnitus suppression

Temporary tinnitus relief is crucially related to how much patients feel relaxation during electrical stimulation. Electrical stimulation made tinnitus patients experience relief of tinnitus just after the treatment when patients slept during treatment. However, more than 10% of patients did not experience tinnitus relief even if patients reported they could sleep during treatment. My theory […]

Predisposition to vertigo-based on the vessel extension test

Phlethysmogram monitoring degree of the vessel extension would show condition of the blood flow. Impaired blood flow in the peripheral and central vestibular system is one of the major causes of acute onset of vertigo. In younger patients, phlethysmogram sometimes showed unbalance of the blood flow in the right and left side. Surprisingly the side […]



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