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Proceedings of

XXIX Congress of the NES - Bad Kissingen - Germany

Electro-otolithography: new insight into benign paroxysmal positioning vertigo

Early vestibular evoked potentials were recorded with an extratympanic electrode. The recording principle was adding responses phase locked to a recording frequency. The recording frequency was empirically determined to match harmonically an individual response frequency and thus allowing averaging. This new technique was evaluated in benign paroxysmal positioning vertigo. Normal data were obtained from 12 […]

A new proposal for rehabilitation of equilibrium disorders of cervical origin: e.s.a.c. technique

The authors illustrates a new rehabilitation technique worked out to treat equilibrium disorders. This technique, named ESAC (Elasticizzazione, Scollamento, Allenamento, Calore = Elasticization-Detachment-Training-Heat), is based on the recovery of soft tissue elasticity through repeated active movement, detachment and exogenous heat. In this paper the author reports the results attained in the course of the years […]

Contribution of neuro-otology to differential diagnosis of vertigo in multiple sclerosis

It is known that equilibrium disorders caused by involvement of brainstem-cerebellar structures are common in patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), but peripheral conditions such as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), can be sometimes confused with those of central origin. Therefore, an accurate otoneurologic investigation paying attention to differential diagnosis aspects should be performed in these […]

Una nuova proposta riabilitativa per i disordini dell’equilibrio di origine cervicale:tecnica e.s.a.c.

L’autore espone una nuova tecnica riabilitativa elaborata e proposta per i disordini dell’equilibrio. Tale tecnica denominata E.S.A,C (.elasticizzazione,scollamento,allenamento,calore), si basa sul ripristino dell’ elasticità dei tessuti molli del distretto cervico_brachiale e torace ,attraverso il movimento attivo ripetuto, lo scollamento, e l’uso di calore esogeno. In questo lavoro vengono presentati i risultati ottenuti nel corso degli […]

Vestibular findings in degenerative cns lesions

33 patients (9 male and 24 female) aged 28-59 (average 43,2) with multiple sclerosis were tested on the base of electro/videonystagmography. The duration of the disease was from half a year to 26 years. The aim of this study was to estimate the frequency of the central and peripheral vestibular disturbances in multiple sclerosis due […]

Homage to prof. dr. bernhard hofferberth

It is a great privilege for me and my wife Julia, having been appointed to honour Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hofferberth, to whom we are friendly bound since 25 years ago, both in the scientific and personal field.

Cognitive disorders: diagnosis and treatment

During the last half century, medical developments have expedited an increase of expectation of life, all over the world. This extension of life has made that some pathologies that in former years were considered of low prevalence, nowadays they have become top priority for public health.

Doppler sonography in tinnitus patients

The tinnitus can be functionally measured and localized through sensorymotor and neurosensorial tests. According to our Data Bank, 60% of the patients requiring a consultation show cardiocirculatory background. This figure has moved us to study cerebral vascular processes on those patients consulting only on tinnitus symptom.

About balance on platform: mathematical modeling for clinical evaluation

This paper describes, from a technologic and mathematical point of view, a systematic method for daily patient’s equilibrium evaluation during the clinical work.



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