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Proceedings of

XXX Congress of the NES - Oporto - Portugal

The use of antiserotonin drugs in the nucleo-reticular vestibular syndrome and vestibular neuronitis

Vestibular Neuronitis was described in 1949 and 1952 by Dix and Hallpike. Two groups of patients were described, those with sudden seizures and sensations of blackout (since identified as having Vestibular Neuritis) and a second group with symptoms of disequilibrium and feelings of top heaviness or imbalance. The pathology was felt to be central to […]

Zumbido, vertigem e alteração temporomandibular: avaliação fisioterápica

Objetivo Avaliar a postura estática de pacientes com zumbido, vertigem associado a alteração da articulação temporomandibular. Método Foram avaliados do ponto de vista fisioterápico 30 pacientes com zumbido, vertigem e alteração da articulação temporomandibular, cujas idades variaram entre 15 e 60 anos de idade, sendo 22 (73,3%) do sexo feminino e 08 (26,7%) do sexo […]

Pitfalls that otolaryngologists are often caught in diagnosis

We have been clinically treating vertigo patients for the last 45 years. As you all know vertigo is not a simple otolaryngorogic disease. In fact, it is associated with various diseases in various clinical fields including internal medicine, neurosurgery and ophthalmology. International Tinnitus Journal – ITJ, go to As an otolaryngorogist, we have learned […]

Neurotogical evaluation comparative values findings mexico-germany-argentina

Many authors had reported different usefull studies in the evaluation of the nystagmus which may be spontaneous and induce, any one of these have been given to study the vestibular function through of vestibuloespinal, retinalocular, vestibuloocular systems in the Cranio-Corpo-Graphy (CCG) and the Computarized Electronystagmography (CNG). Upon researching 1340 patients suffering from we found that […]

Eng outcome and neuropsychological findings in tinnitus patients

Psychological aspects are often underlined in generation of tinnitus so we assessed the neuropsychological status in our group of patients. We also found increased number of abnormal ENG recordings in tinnitus patients so the aim of this study was to compare the ENG outcome with their neuropsychological status. The study was carried on 69 subjects […]

Treatment of severe meniere´s disease using gentamycine and betamethazone labyrinth perfusion

For Meniere`s Disease (M.D.) patients, we are using Betahistin as standard therapy & additionally Urea or Acetazolamide for the attack periods, with good results. But in severe cases of invalidating M.D. causing extensive vertigo, we are using since 6 years labyrinth perfusion by a solution of Gentamycine and Betamethazon. Methods: After insertion of a large […]

Ozone- and pressure-pulse therapy in meniere’s disease

The aim of the study was to evaluate the usefulness of ozone- and pressure-pulse therapy in Meniere’s disease. 15 patients ( 8 men, 7 women) suffering from Meniere’ s disease for 1 to 3 years with permanent sensorineural hypoacusis were tested using objective otoacoustic emissions and SISI test together with subjective anamnesis comparing results before […]

Magnetic evoked potential: verification?

Magnetic impulses play major role in today environment, so it is important to estimate their influence on the human body. From this point of view the problem of correct criteria is of special value. This considerations have provoked the study proposed. The item of the study has been to try recording the brain response to […]

Dizziness, hearing loss, tinnitus and nausea in otosclerosis

Neurotologic patients may present with a variety of chief complaints. It is not unusual to present with primary presenting symptoms of dizziness, hearing loss and tinnitus. Unusual in presentation is nausea without dizziness. A common finding as the fundamental etiology in many patients is the eventual diagnosis of otosclerosis …….

A choice of disease for studying vestibular compensation in man : the betahistine example

The author proposes, as disease for the study of drugs activity on vestibular compensation mechanisms in man, a peripheral labyrinthine disease without spontaneous nystagmus of type II or III. He evaluates the state of compensation by the evolution of static posturography parameters and by the score of Norre’s VHT (vestibular habituation training) during an observation […]



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