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Prof. Dr. Claus F. Claussen, Neurootological Research Institute of the Research Society for Smell, Taste, Hearing and Equilibrium Disorders at Bad Kissingen (4-G-F). Bad Kissingen, Germany.
Dr. med. Julia M. Bergmann,
Dr. med. Guillermo O. Bertora,
Otoneuroophthalmological Neurophysiology,
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Dr. med. Julia M. Bergmann,
Dr. med. Guillermo O. Bertora,
Otoneuroophthalmological Neurophysiology,
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Bening Paroximal Positional Vertigo – BPPV-

Paroxysmal positional vertigo revisited: is it benign, pseudo-benign or malignant?

Dix and Hallpike firstly described Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo(BPPV) in 1952. Since then, this disease have been widely recognized among clinicians. There are some charactstic symptoms such as, having critical head position, being pure rotatory nystagmus with the phenomenon of crescendo and decrescendo, having fatigue phenomenon on provocation of the vertiginous attack.. Pathogenesis of the […]

Endolymphatic hydrops patients with benign paroxysmal positioning vertigo

Objective: Amongst the reasons causing the inner ear pathology being accompanied by fits of giddiness, the most frequently occurring are the endolymphatic hydrops & benign paroxysmal positioning vertigo (BPPV). In the whole number of scientific articles there may be found the mentioning of patients with the combination of BPPV & Menier’s Disease. The reasons & […]

Electro-otolithography: new insight into benign paroxysmal positioning vertigo

Early vestibular evoked potentials were recorded with an extratympanic electrode. The recording principle was adding responses phase locked to a recording frequency. The recording frequency was empirically determined to match harmonically an individual response frequency and thus allowing averaging. This new technique was evaluated in benign paroxysmal positioning vertigo. Normal data were obtained from 12 […]

Vertigo and migraine

The vascular system and its influence under sympathetic and parasympathetic stimulations plays an essential role in neurophysiology of equilibrium.



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