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Year 2004

Hyperinsulinemia and tinnitus: a historical cohort

Tinnitus affects millions of people worldwide, and it signals the presence of several underlying diseases, including hyperinsulinemia. The aim of this study was to evaluate the response to dietary treatment in 80 patients with associated tinnitus and hyperinsulinemia. On the basis of data obtained by a questionnaire, two groups were established: One included patients who […]

Benzodiazepine receptor distribution in severe intractable tinnitus

Tinnitus affects nearly 50 million people in the United States, with a minority demonstrating marked functional impairment. Alterations of gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) neuronal function and benzodiazepine receptor (BZR) function in particular have been implicated in the pathophysiology of severe, chronic tinnitus. The purpose of our study was to evaluate the distribution of BZR in […]

Vertigo in children

The aim of the study was to search for the reason of vertigo in children who complain of it. 30 children who were treated by pediatrist beacuse of various diseases were tested. The detailed protocol of anamnesis, videonystagmography, posturography and additonal tests ordered by pediatrist were performed. The results were compared with the group of […]

Saccadic and smooth pursuit eye movement

The origin of the generation of saccadic and smooth pursuit eye movements has not been proved. The goal of the study was to search for the connection of the visual- oculomotor reactions: saccades and eye-tracking test with cerebellar damage. 11 patients treated with aminoglicosides, because of pneumonia, were tested using electronystagmography (ENG). After 21 (mean) […]

Panic disorder in otoneurogical expertise

The evaluation of cochleovestibular dysfunction in psychiatric patients often causes difficult problem in neurootological expertise. The most difficult challenge is the combined lesion: psychiatric disorders with organic cochleovestibular diseases. Authors discuss the neurobiological base of panic disorders and the cochleovestibular dysfunction. Authors of the multicentric study examined 63 patients with vertigo and panic disease. Twenty […]

Studying the perceptions of movement and movement speed of objects in adolescent drivers

This work aims to study in adolescent drivers whose vestibulo-visual-auditory functions are exposed to the systematic effect of specific mechanical irritants (accelerations, velocities, noise, vibrations, optokinetic effects, etc.), the particularities of the functioning of the higher specialized sensuousness and in particular the vestibular effect on the visual system at formation of the perceptions of movement […]

Linfoma no hodgkin extranodal primario del adulto

Resumen: El objetivo del presente trabajo fué analizar un caso de linfoma No Hodgkin Extranodal Primario del Adulto atendido en nuestro servicio en el contexto de la ocurrencia de la patología en el área Otorrinolaringológica desde una casuistica de linfomas enfermedad atendidos en el hospital en un período de 10 años. En el Servicio de […]

Psychological aspects in tinnitus patients

Objective: To investigate psychological aspects in tinnitus patients with normal vestibular examination. Method: 39 patients reporting tinnitus as their primary complaint and vertigo as secondary, underwent neurootological and psychological examination and were compared with a control group. Results: Tinnitus patients showed representative stereotyped and conventional thought processes, and tendency to defense against feelings of instability. […]

Papilomatosis agresiva rinosinusal

Los papilomas son neoplasias epiteliales benignas, pero debemos tener presente que pueden sufrir una degeneración carcinomatosa. La causa de este hecho puede ser debida a reiteradas cirugías por recidivas o por una metaplasma epitelial que producirían un terreno predisponerte. Ante la presencia de un paciente con papilomas de fosas nasales debemos tener en cuenta estos […]

Paroxysmal positional vertigo and rehabilitation

Paroxysmal positional vertigo is one of the most frequent vestibular affections. Despite the success of the rehabilitative therapy PPV is often recurrent suggesting that we are not really able to interact with the etiology and even with all the possible pathogenetic mechanisms. In this work we present an interpretative model according to the cybernetic theory […]



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