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Prof. Dr. Saverio Capobianco

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Bppv and vasopressine

The possible relationship between inner ear and vasopressin (AVP, ADH) has been hypothesized since twenty years ago About ten years ago, in anaesthetized guinea pigs, we demonstrated that changes in the inner ear pressure modify plasma AVP (pAVP) level and AVP secretion with consequent changes in urine flow rate and osmolality : our experiment was […]

Mutation frequency of connexin 26 gene: preliminary study of a sardinian deaf group

Sensorineural prelingual deafness is a major impairment because of its consequence on psychosocial and cognitive development: its early onset, in fact, prevents a normal oral language acquisition. 60% of prelingual hearing loss has a genetic origin, and its major mode of inheritance is autosomal recessive (85% of cases). In addition, prelingual deafness is well known […]

Vestibular evoked myogenich potentials in monitoring the efficacy of vestibular rehab in water

Water represents a simple way to modify gravity interaction on human body. In this way it is possible to manipulate the vestibular system. Vestibular Rehabilitation in Water is the new perspective of rehabilitation of Vertigo and Equilibrium Disturbances. One of the most important role of the CS is to detect Gravity and to elaborate adequate […]

Treating cervical disorders according to mackenzie method in vertigo

One of the most important role of the vestibular system is to stabilize the head during the movement. This is necessary to stabilize the perceived visual images. Head is de-stabilized in every normal human situation, except to lying. Head is de-stabilized while sitting, standing, walking, jumping, eating In optimal conditions, the posture of the head […]

The evaluation of vertebral artery involvement in vertigo by means of a standard echodoppler procedure

The vertebral artery origins from the subclavian artery, moves cranially and penetrates into the “foramen magnum” to meet the cotralateral artery so to origin the basilary artery. The length of the vertebral artery is approx. 25 cm. with a diameter between 3 and 6 mm. In 60% of the normal population, the vertebral arteries don’t […]

Stabilometry and tmj disorders

The relationship between occlusion and equilibrium system must be interpreted as a base condition to program a rehabilitation, both in stomatognatic problems and in equilibrium problems. Use of stabylometric system, using references to vestibular, visual, somatosensorial systems, the stabylometric system allows to evaluate the interferences occurring during compensation within the single parts that made the […]

Tinnitus: pharmacological topodiagnosis

It’s well known that the accurate localization of the source where subjective tinnitus comes from is very difficult. The anamnesis and the traditional audiological tests can often suggest if its origin is peripheral and/or central only. Therefore several Authors, as Risey, Denk and Shulman, have recently proposed picking out the source of subjective tinnitus through […]



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