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Otoneuroophthalmological Neurophysiology,
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Dr. med. Dario Alpini

51 publications on the archives

La stabilizzazione dinamica della testa sul tronco durante il cammino

Head stabilization is necessary during human locomotion in order to contrubute to perception of a stable visual field. Head stabilization is du to the cooperation between vestibular system and proprioception. According to cranio-corpographic experience Authors used a device based on two accelormeters place, respectevely, on th head and the trunk of the subject. Head stabilization […]

Manual/musculoskeletal medicine in the treatmento of vertigo

Vestibular nuclei receive signals from the skin, muscle, and viscera, although the pathways conveying these nonlabyrinthine inputs to the vestibular nucleus neurons are unknown. Experimental data show that an anatomical substrate is present for somatosensory and visceral inputs to influence the activity of cells in the autonomic region of the vestibular nuclei and suggest that […]

The impact of hearing loss in cognitive and motor impairment in the elderly

Manual medicine in the treatmento of vertigo

Tinnitus as alarm bell

Posturographic paradox effect: an index of cerebellar functional involvement

Air pollution and paroxismal positional vertigo

Vestibulo-spinal evaluation in multiple sclerosis: posturography and vemps

3d digital craniocorpography: whiplash injury

The goal of this work is to study the vestibular system of whiplash people using a 3D dCCG system. A new experimental set-up, based on optoelettronic technique, was developed to evaluate the 3D pattern of movement of head and trunk in different experimental set-ups. The exam protocol is very close to the classical one with […]

Flavour disorders in the elderly: a new frontier of neuro-otology



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