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Proceedings of

XXX Congress of the NES - Oporto - Portugal

The effectiveness of dihydroergocristine mesylate upon central vestibular disorders of haemodynamic origin : a multi – centre s

Haemodynamic disorders are accounted amongst the most common factors for vertigo genesis. These disorders can occur in all age groups, but appear more often after the sixth decade of life. The location of the damage can be at the peripheral and / or central Vestibular levels. Dihydroergocristine Mesylate (DM) belongs to the “drug-menu” used for […]

Study of the potential adverse effects of gsm cellular phones on hearing – european guard project

During the last years, cellular phones produced a real, total and incontrovertible revolution, involving the whole social and environmental domain. However, to date, there is only a reduced knowledge on what are the biological systems influenced by the use of this kind of devices. Among them, the produced electromagnetic fields (EMF) could affect, before any […]

Rastreio auditivo em recém-nascidos de risco. Revisão casuística

Introdução: O diagnóstico precoce de surdez infantil é um requisito essencial para uma correcção apropriada da hipoacusia. Até recentemente o rastreio auditivo baseava-se exclusivamente na avaliação dos Potenciais Evocados Auditivos do Tronco Cerebral (PEA), um método exigente em termos técnicos, demorado e que implica frequentemente uma sedação da criança. O advento das Otoemissões Acústicas (OEA), […]

Audiological screening in a group of portuguese adolescents: the role of leisure noises

Aim of study: Hearing loss caused by exposure to recreational noise is considered a devastating disability, not least because it is virtually 100 percent preventable. No consensus exists regarding the magnitude of the risk. This study prospectively assesses the hearing threshold in a group of Portuguese adolescents, related to their habits of noise exposure. Method: […]

Symthons associated with equilibrium diseases

OBJETIVE : To inform abaut the charachteristics that have in comman the patients with complaints of vertigo ;the probable causes and the associated pathologies. MATRIAL AND METHOD: 124 patients that consult the service of otorrinolaringology of the Durand Hospital of the Goverment of Buenos Aires City, from January 1999 to May 2001 . RESULT : […]

Tinnitus neurotopography: pathways and areas studied through brain electric tomography (loreta)

Advances in basic research in neurosciences and the introduction of new non-invasive techniques, that make possible the detection of weak signals of the brain, have revolutionized diagnosis and treatment. The most often used methods for functional imaging of the human brain are positron emission tomography (PET) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). More recently, a […]

Mathematical modelling for detection of brainstem lesions according abr changes

The aim of this study was to elaborate an algorithm of the detection of brainstem lesion according BAEP changes. The following questions were raised for this purpose: 1) which interpretation strategy of BAEP changes selects the most patients with brainstem lesions? 2) which BAEP abnormalities differentiate between mass lesions of posterior fossa and demyelinating encephalomyelitis? […]

Ocular pursuit test with the neck turned, a study in whiplash patients

Whiplash accidents may cause disturbances to the neck and/or CNS, primarily the brainstem. Neurootological findings are frequent. Posture is disturbed when the neck is held in a provocative position. Tjell et al have reported very high frequency of disturbances in the ocular pursuit tested with the neck turned. We tested 34 whiplash patients and 20 […]

Vertigem , fobia e pânico

Objetivo – entender a associação entre vertigem, fobia e pânico Método – 30 pacientes vertiginosos foram analisados por meio de entrevista livres e semidirigida de base psicanalítica como procedimentos de investigação deste trabalho, devido a riqueza dos mecanismos mentais inconscientes. Resultados – O afeto desencadeante e predominante nas fobias é a ansiedade, que designa a […]

The effect of betahistine (betaserc) on vestibular function in vertebro-basilar insufficiency

The aim of the study was to observe the usefulness of Betaserc in therapy of vestibular disorders in the patients with vertebro-basilar insufficiency. 80 patients (43 female, 37 male) were tested on the base of videonystagmography, stabilometry and brain stem auditory evoked potentials. Betaserc was ordered in two separate doses: 3x 8mg and 3x 16 […]



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