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Sodium enoxaparin for treatment of immune-mediated sensorineural hearing loss (imsnhl)

The literature does not report others therapeutic protocols for immune-mediated sensorineural hearing loss (IMSNHL) treatment with sodium enoxaparin or other kinds of unfractionated heparin: our decision to use enoxaparin was based both on the pathogenesis of this condition and on evaluation of the other classes of drugs currently used. Fifty patients, who had suffered from […]

Chronic tinnitus resulting from cerumen removal procedures

This study was undertaken to determine how many cases of chronic tinnitus in a clinic population resulted from cerumen removal procedures and to summarize cerumen management methodologies and recommendations that will reduce the likelihood of such serious complications. Detailed questionnaires were mailed to 2,400 consecutive patients (1,704 male, 696 female; mean age, 53.3 ± 11.8 […]

Sodium enoxaparin and venovenous hemofiltration for treatment of sudden sensorineural hearing loss and tinnitus.

The pathogenesis of sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) and tinnitus are still not well understood. Prompted by such observations, we implemented a protocol using sodium enoxaparin associated with a venovenous hemofiltration for treatment of sudden hearing loss and tinnitus. The venovenous hemofiltration selectively eliminates fibrinogen, low-density lipoprotein, cholesterol, triglycerides, lipoprotein and complement from the blood […]

Effects of stapedectomy on tinnitus in patients with otosclerosis

Tinnitus frequently accompanies hearing loss in patients with otosclerosis and has been correlated with distinct otosclerotic pathologies. The objective of our study was to evaluate the effect of stapedectomy on tinnitus in patients with otosclerosis. Forty patients were retrospectively interviewed for assessment of preoperative versus postoperative levels of tinnitus distress using the standardized Klockhoff-Lindblom (K/L) […]

The effect of music therapy on the early diagnosis of sensoneural hearing loss baby; pilot study of total care

The purpose of this study is to present the results of a pilot study of early detection of sensoneural hearing loss and early intervention to use music therapy, in order to demonstrate the applications of music therapy, and to measure systematically some of its effects on babies. Subjects for this study were 40 babies (22 […]

A study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a single infusion of caroverine in cases of

Caroverine a quinoxaline derivative, with glutamate antagonistic activity was used for cochlear synaptic tinnitus. A pilot study was done first in 4 cases at our centre. Two cases with pure cochlear synaptic tinnitus responded well to Caroverine while other two cases had tinnitus due to middle ear pathology and did not respond. Encouraged by these […]

The use of enoxaparin for the treatment of tinnitus.

Microthrombotic vascular lesions could be the primary or secondary cause but, however, in most of the cases are at the base of the lesions of tinnitus. On those bases we consider that a therapy with enoxaparine has a wide field of action. Two hundred cases of patients, who had suffered from tinnitus for at least […]

Presence of the ion zinc in the cochlear nuclei

The chemical element zinc has been in the last decades strongly studied. It is well known that it is present in some different structures of the Central Nervous System, acting as a co-factor of excitatory glutamatergic synapsis. Its function is not yet fully understood, but it seems to modulate the sensibility of glutamatergic post-sinaptic receptors […]

Auditory evoked brainstem responses in patients with cronic hypozincemia: a clinical study.

Some authors have postulate that sistemic zinc can be employed in the threatment of tinnitus, because a sub-clinical hypozincemia is suposed to promote this auditory disturbance. However, in the majority of the cases of tinnitus, this hypozincemia was not confirmed. There is not enough randomized studies that could show the relationship between zinc and tinnitus. […]

Tinnitus suppression therapy

It has long been suspected that an important relationship exists between inner and outer hair cells, and that a disturbance of this relationship could lead to the phenomenon of tinnitus. The electromodel of the auditory system describes one mechanism of this inter-hair cell relationship. Following this model a mechanism exists, driven by mechanosensitive outer hair […]



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